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About The LED Grow Light Applications

Plants cannot be separated from light, just plant growth essential source of energy, as all we know, light on plant photosynthesis, growth and development, morphogenesis, and material metabolism has a regulatory role. And at present in the greenhouse, greenhouse cultivation, make up for the lack of sunlight light source is usually used in the fluorescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp and incandescent lamp etc. These light source spectral energy distribution is designed according to the demand of the human eye to light, and needed for plant growth spectrum and human eye needs are not the same. But kinds of LED wavelengths can control room for larger which is suitable for plant's lighting.


Different wavelengths of light on plant photosynthesis influence is different, plant photosynthesis to light wavelength at about 400~720nm. The light of 400~520nm (blue), chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption proportion is the largest, that has the biggest influence on photosynthesis. 610~720nm (red) light for photosynthesis and light cycle effect is remarkable. 520~610nm (green) light, pigment absorption rate is very low. So plant lamp is always made of red and blue, full blue or full red three forms, usually red light wavelength selection in 620~630nm or 640~660nm, blue light wavelength selection in 450~460nm or 460~470nm. To provide two wavelengths of light red and blue, covering the wavelength range needed for photosynthesis. On the visual effect, combination of red and blue lights pink plants.


After application testing, LED grow light wavelength is very suitable for plants growth, blossom and bear fruit. General indoor plants flowers will grow less and less as the time pass by, the main reason is the lack of light, through the spectrum of LED light which is suitable for plant requirement not only can promote its growth, but also can extend the flowering, improve the quality of the flower. And the application of this kind of high efficient light source system to the greenhouse and greenhouse facilities such as agricultural production, it also can solve the lack of sunlight led to the decrease of the tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse vegetables taste.