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20W LED Grow Light Integrated T5 90CM

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  • Product Name:

    20W LED Grow Light Integrated T5 90CM

  • Model No.:

    F-Grow Integrated T5-20W-900
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Product Abstract:

20W LED plant lamp, 90cm T5 integrated tube grow light, directly use each lamp with installation accessories, SMD2835 126LEDs light source, red blue white lighting color, multi-voltage 85-265VAC international application for indoor plants growth.

Product Description
20W LED Grow Light Integrated T5 90CM
Product Features
1. LED grow light with lifespan over 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance cost.
2. Energy saving, comparing to the traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp can save 80% of the electric energy.
3. High photosynthetic efficiency, 90% of the light can be absorbed by plants. However for traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, only 8-10% of photosynthetic efficiency.
4.Built-in cooling system, to solve heat problem very well.
5.It’s suitable for various stages of plants growth, and good for indoor garden, aqueous solution cultivation or soil cultivation of plants.
6. The exposure area and height of lamp according to different plants and environment will be changed accordingly, and technical parameters will be changed as well.
7.All materials are conforming to the requirements of environmental protection, without mercury or other harmful heavy metal materials.
8. Taking high quality LED light source.
9. LED wavelength are free to customize, we suggest that the red light wavelength is 630nm and 660nm, blue light wavelength is 450nm-460nm, red light promotes the plant germination, flowering, fruitage, blue light promotes plants growth such as roots and leaves.
10. The different light ratio can be specified by customers, such as: red, blue, orange, white and yellow light for plants nutrition lighting.
Individual Customization (Red Lighting : Blue Lighting)
The proportion between the different light specified by the customer, proportional allocation of 7: 1 suits for vegetable, 5: 1 suits for flower or grass, 3: 1 suits for fruit.
LED integrated T5 grow light has the proportion of 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, 7:1.
(Warmly note: customers can customize the red and blue proportion)
Wavelength Choice (Red Lighting & Blue Lighting)
LED wavelength specified by customers, red light promotes plant to sprout and flower, blue light promotes plant to grow up, you can choose the most suitable wavelength and color proportion to promote plant growth.
(Warmly advise: red lighting wavelength 620-630nm, blue lighting wavelength 450-460nm)
Specifications Datasheet


20W Integrated T5 LED Grow Light





LED Quantity

SMD2835 126PCS

Lamp Base

3Pins Wire

Power Supply


Input Voltage


Tube Length


Lighting Color

Red & Blue (White)

5:15:1 or 4:15:2 etc

To Replace

About 45W Traditional Lamp

Net Weight



Direct Installation

Beam Angle


Power Factor


Cover Type








Storing Temperature


Operating Temperature


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Product Application
Suiting for any period of plant growth and cultivation of water or soil off training effective, suitable for indoor gardens, potted plants, planting, breeding, farm, greenhouse etc.
Attention Please
1. Make sure that the distance from the plant to the appropriate light 0.5m-1m.
2. Make sure with scientific and reasonable lighting time in accordance with the needs of different plant arrangements to avoid prolonged light to damage plants growth.
3. LED grow light to ban the lamp in water or damp environment, otherwise it will cause leakage or damage to the lamp body.
4. The working environment of LED grow light is -20 ~ 40 ?, 45% RH to 90% RH.
5. Pease cut off power supply while thundering.
6. Do not touch or beat the lamp while it’s working.

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