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24W 375mm LED Circular Tube Light T9

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  • 24W 375mm LED Circular Tube Light T9
  • Product Name:

    24W 375mm LED Circular Tube Light T9

  • Model No.:

    F-Circline G10Q R-24W-375
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Product Abstract:

LED round lamp, 375mm outside dimension, 24W lamp power, 85-265VAC input voltage, T9 tube type, G10Q lamp base, main materials with plastic and PC, clear or frosted cover.

Product Description

24W 375mm LED Circular Tube Light T9

Product Features
1. Taking imported LED light source with long life, energy-saving lamps of green environmental protection, high color rendering (Ra > 80), in the visual objects clearly.
2. No ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
3. Environmental protection, LED round tube light with no mercury and lead, for the environment protection. Don't cause harm to human body.
4. Multi-voltage: AC85265V input voltage, lamp can maintain normal brightness.
5. Good heat dissipation effect: adopting high quality aluminum PCB, improving the service life of LED lamp.
6. Good lighting: unique special-shaped aluminum tube, better glowing effect, no dark areas on both sides.
7. Plastic shell with PC cover (transparent or frosted for choice), good materials, not easy to damage, durable, safety usage.
8. Long lifespan with about 50,000 hours.
9. Short response time: to adapt frequent switch and the high-frequency operation occasion.
10. Good commonality: LED circline tube light shape and dimension are the same as the traditional annular fluorescent lamp, can replace traditional lamps.
11. Protect vision: LED circline tube light adopts dc drive, no stroboscopic, (ordinary lamp is ac drives, is bound to occur stroboscopic).
Specifications Datasheet


375mm LED Circular Tube Light

Lamp Base





Outside 375mm * Tube 29mm



LED Chip

SMD2835 192LEDs

PC Cover

Clear or Frosted

Luminous Flux

Approximate 2880Lumens

Color Temperature

Warm White: 3000K-3500K

Natural White: 500K-5500K

Cool White: 6000K-6500K

Input Voltage

85-265VAC Inside Driver

Net Weight



Plastic + PC

Beam Angle


Power Factor


Color Rendering Index






To Replace

About 54W Traditional Lamp

Storing Temperature


Operating Temperature


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LED Circular Tube Light Applications
1. Household lighting, decoration, sitting room, bedroom, wall lamp, table lamp, toilet, balcony, kitchen, dome light, the bar.
2. Schools, hospitals, factories, offices, shopping malls, office buildings, corridor, stair lighting.
3. Municipal lighting, bank, infrastructure, stadium, airport, cinema, industrial facilities, and public station.
4. Hotel, hotel, guest houses, shopping malls, supermarkets, cold drinks, cake shop, delicatessen, bars, coffee shops, teahouses, culture, entertainment, business places.
Please Notice
1. Installation does not need ballast and electric fluorescent starter, while replacement, please remove the ballast and electric fluorescent starter or take off the electric fluorescent starter
2. While products in working as far as possible to avoid touching the surface of lamps.
3. Should not work in the frequent power condition, it will affect their lifespan.
4. The product belongs to indoor application products, please do not use in the place where can be caught in the rain or high humidity places.
5. Please use in AC85-265V alternating current power supply of lamps in the power supply work
6. Lamps installation and wiring must be carried out under the condition of power cuts.
7. The power cord must be joint insulation, waterproof processing.
8. Lamps’ internal rubber shall not be arbitrarily removed, in case of affecting the insulation and heat dissipation.
9. When abnormal tubes work (self-extinguishing, flash), please check the lamp and lamp holder contact performance.

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